Our Board team

The Caring Hands Initiative has a dedicated team of board members who strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. As board members, we collectively work towards achieving the organization's mission and vision. Through our participation in board meetings and strategic decision-making, we guide and shape the direction of the initiative. Our responsibilities include supporting fundraising efforts, engaging in community outreach, and promoting the goals of the organization. By serving as board members, we are committed to creating a better and more caring world by providing vital support to those in need.

Ahmed Bouh

Board President


Dr. Ahmed is a highly accomplished individual with a Doctorate in Economics and extensive experience in higher education. Currently serving as a Finance Specialist at the Immigrant Resource Center of Maine, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. With a background as a teacher in economics and as the Director of Studies at the Faculty of Law and Economics at the University of Djibouti, Ahmed has a deep understanding of economic principles and their practical applications. Beyond academia, Ahmed has also excelled as a Researcher affiliated with the University of Bordeaux in France, specializing in environment and water management. His linguistic abilities in French, Arabic, English, and Somali further enhance his ability to connect with diverse communities and contribute effectively in various professional and research settings. Ahmed's experience as a Geo-socio-economic Analyst in East Africa showcases his dynamic and relational skills, which he has successfully applied in complex socio-economic contexts. With his diverse range of experiences and strong academic background, Ahmed is well-prepared to make significant contributions in his field and positively impact the communities he serves.

Fatouma Hassan

Vice President Board


Fatouma is an accomplished professional currently serving as the Assistant Director of Human Resources at Lewiston Public Schools. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and a Master's in Business Administration specialized in Human Resources, she brings a strong background in management, marketing, data analysis, and training to her role.
Passionate about education, particularly for women, Fatouma is driven by the transformative power it holds for individuals and communities. As a valuable board member, she is eager to utilize her expertise, experience, and knowledge to contribute to the organization's goals and enhance the well-being of the community. Fatouma's diverse skill set and commitment to education make her a valuable asset in driving positive change. Her dedication to professional growth and her passion for creating opportunities for others position her as a catalyst for progress and innovation.

Souad Daher



Souad Daher earned Associate Degree in Business Administration at Djibouti. She currently works as a community health worker at New Mainers Public Health Initiative since 2021. she is an active, engaged member of Maine communities, consistently supporting and contributing to their well-being. Through her involvement, she have provided tremendous value to this organization. Drawing upon her educational background and experience, she is excited and honored to serve as a board member. With a wealth of knowledge and a deep commitment to making a positive impact, she is enthusiastic about helping guide and shape the organization's success.

Abdirahman Saleh



Abdirahman Saleh is an enthusiastic individual who holds an Associate of Accountant degree from Arab Open University. With a strong desire to make a positive impact, he actively engages with communities in Maine and is constantly seeking ways to improve them. Abdirahman's dedication to community development and his educational background in accounting equip him with valuable skills to contribute effectively in various initiatives and projects. His commitment to making a difference and his passion for community engagement make him a valuable asset in driving positive change and enhancing the well-being of those around him.

Fozia Robleh

Board Members At-Large


Fozia Ahmed Robleh, an accomplished individual from Djibouti, initially an elementary teacher, overcame the language barrier to graduate with honors in Social Behavior and Science. Her dedication to community service shines through roles as a substitute teacher for disabled students, an advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and a Carrier Specialist in a non-profit organization. She's an active participant in the NH-ME LEND program, a collaboration fostering neurodevelopmental disability leadership. Fozia's pursuit of a master's degree in Public and Non-Profit Organizational Management underscores her commitment to creating positive change within her community.